From one generation to another

Sojourner Leather was founded by Josef Botes, however the brand's story started two generations ago with Josef's grandfather. 
Josef senior (known as Job) was a leather artisan, a talented man with a belief that anything can be done if you have the will to do it. As a small boy Josef sat in his grandfather's workshop and watched him cobble. Not much was left to this world on the day Josef Senior passed. But that which he left we took as our heritage. Sojourner Leather came into existence through a grandson taking up his grandfather's trade.   
Sojourn's definition is a temporary stay. Therefore a sojourner is someone who stays or resides temporarily. This is significant, because we are all sojourners in the journey of life.
We believe that what we are doing is more than just leather. In fact it needs to be. We realize that we are on a journey and that what we do has an impact on the people around us and also the people who will be here after us. 
Therefore we formed our business model around the concept of taking others into account and putting their needs before our own. 
Our products are made with premium vegetable tanned leather with an aniline finish. Vegetable tanning is an organic process of manufacturing leather. Vegetable tanned leather develops a patina over time ensuring a beautiful aging product.
We aim to buy all our raw materials manufactured in South Africa. We believe that the support of local industries will lead to job creation and sustainable economic growth for South Africa.
This is our story and who knows, we might become part of yours.